Chocolate Vision Box

Create your own taste –


for ganache and chocolate.

Set of 9 bottles 30 ml with

1 Juniper Berry

2 Aniseed

3 Ginger

4 Peppermint

5 Lemongrass

6 Rosemary

7 Cardamom

8 Cinnamon

9 Mix Schwarzwald (creation with Juniper Berry, Rosemary, Lavender and Clove)

Capability of new form

Arranged for the production of chocolate and ganache.

Fluid form enables new usage and sustainability of traditional recipes that are not available with dry or fresh herbs & spices.

Best flavour & aroma

Flavour & aroma characteristics are sustainable in cold products. Longer storage time + flavor stability within 12 months.

Health choice

The technology combines know-how mechanical slow-pressing with fermentation.

Clean, healthy, only three ingredients. No alcohol, no flavourings, no palm, no essential oils.

5 drops per 100g chocolate and 1-3 drops per 100g ganache chocolate filling.

Flavour & aroma characteristic are sustainable in cold products. Use 2-4 drops per 100g salad or appetizer.

Change the taste of usual things – add 1-3 drops to your drink.

Add 2-3 drops before serving of hot dishes.

Best Size for Sampling, Testing and Composing

The Chocolate Vision Box gives you everything for the start of your new creation.

For your production all spices and herbs are available in big units.

Currently approx. 50 spices and herbs in the assortment.

5 ml = 150 drops


Mechanical pressing

Super-slow-pressed, each herb/spice under individual set of conditions.

Native fermentation

No fermentation cultures added at this stage. Native biota does the job.


Standardization of texture with premium cold-pressed rice bran & germ.

„We tried to repeat process of spice flavor disclosure while chewing in the mouth.“